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Is it for me?

Expressive Arts Therapy is for everyone. If you want to connect with your self and your own wisdom, if you are open minded and ready to try something different and efficient, it is definitely for you.


I am not creative or “artistic”

There is no skill required to practice Expressive Arts therapy. We are interested in the process and not the end result. Plus I firmly believe that if you are alive you are somehow creative :)


Can I expect results fast?

Yes! Even during the first sessions when we get to know each other you will experience release, openness and transformation.


Isn't it woo-woo?

Definition of woo-woo : dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific

Expressive Arts Therapy is also backed up by a lot of research that have proven over the years that "art is a means of self-expression and communication that supports experiencing emotions in a safe way (MCPherson, Barrette, Lopez-Gonzalez, Jiradejvong, & Limb, 2016). Making visual art has been shown to have an impact on resilience (Boldwerk, Mack-Andrick, Lang, Dörfer, & Maihöfner, 2014) and is a way to explore, understand, and express experiences that may be difficult to put into words (Stuckey & Nobel, 2010)”. (Excerpt from Polyvagal Exercises for safety and connection by Deb A. Dana). 


But also, processing through the arts, movement, story telling, etc…, have been humans most profound and innate way to heal and grow since ancient times. We are still made of the same body and connections as they were, we are responding now the way our ancestors did back then.  


Is it for children or adults?

Children, teenagers, adults, seniors, we can all benefit from Expressive Arts Therapy.

What does a session look like?

We usually engage in talking about the things you wish to work on that particular day. I do not have an agenda, but will propose to you what I think would be helpful to explore at that particular moment. This can be visual arts, movement, writing, drama, relaxation and visualization, or a combination of those modalities.  You don’t need to bring anything but your willingness to learn and heal.


What does an online session look like?

The online session unfolds the same way as an in person session. The difference is that you have to have art materials on hand, paper, oil pastels, markers, watercolour, paint, anything you have on hand. It does not have to be “artist” quality.

It is also very important that the space you are using for the therapy session is going to be undisturbed for the time of the session, insuring that you will not be interrupted and that your privacy is respected as much as possible.

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